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3 Reasons Why You Should
Stop Putting Off Learning To Play The Guitar

By Maurice Richard

These are busy times.

You work every day. If you have one, your partner works every day. If you have children they have school and other activities every week. You have your own activities on top of that. It's busy!!!

You really want to learn to play the guitar but you keep putting it off until you have more time. You keep telling yourself your time will come. But year after year, that time does not seem to come.

You have good intentions but life just seems to keep getting in the way. It’s frustrating because you know it would feel awesome to finally learn to play the guitar.

Here are 3 reasons why you should stop putting off learning to play the guitar right now and reap many benefits today and into the future.

1. Never A Perfect Time

I am sure you heard this before and it may be cliché but, in this case, it is absolutely true.

The large majority of my students are people who were just like you. Some of them started to learn as teenagers but most of them never touched a guitar.

They come in when they are close to 50 years old. The kids are finally grown up and able to take care of themselves, the job is usually more predictable, and they generally have more time.

However, the story I hear almost every time is that they wanted to start much sooner and kept putting it off another year, and another year, and so on and here we are facing each other and they are 50.

They are glad to finally get going but almost every one of them have told me they deeply regret not starting sooner. They were busy, but when they look back, they realize they could have done it.

So, when you put learning to play the guitar off, are you actually thinking it will have to wait until you are 50? Not likely. You are probably thinking soon. Maybe next year, etc.

Don’t do this to yourself. Seek out a professional guitar teacher in your area and find a solution that will help you get going right now!

2. Benefits Now

There is a lot of research on the positive effects of playing an instrument. A lot of it is relating to kids but there is still much research done for adults.

Everything I have read and studied to date indicates many positive benefits that you can have right now!!!

Some that have been mentioned in my readings include relieving stress, improving your general health, to helping you be more disciplined, having a sense of achievement, and it's fun too!

There is even more than that. The main point though is you can have those right now, today, if you start down the road to learning to play the guitar.

The cool thing is many of those benefits will compound over time and help you with other areas of your life. I know this was the case for me and many of my students have reported the same.

3. No Regrets

This is the painful one.

When you look into the eyes of people that are now 40, 50, 60 or older while they tell you about why they haven’t learned to play sooner, you can see the regret.

They realize there were many things in their lives that they could have set aside and take guitar lessons instead. They now realize learning to play would have been much more useful and fulfilling than some of the things they chose instead.

Every one of them regrets their decision to wait. I have yet to have someone tell me differently. Once they start lessons and make progress they realize all those years could have contributed to them becoming awesome guitar players by now.

Don’t let the happen to you.

The Best Time To Learn To Play Guitar Is Right Now

There is no better time to learn to play the guitar.

Many people have the idea that they need to practice an hour every night and that they have to spend all this other time to learn.

That will certainly help you progress faster, assuming you do it correctly, but you don't have to spend that much time on it.

What you need to do is just start down the path. Make a commitment and then stick to it through thick or thin. This will guarantee that when you are my age and have a lot more time that you will already be able to play and probably quite well.

Find a guitar teacher that has flexible programs and scheduling and just get started. There are some really good guitar teachers that can help you learn how to play and progress without even practicing at home. If you find such a person you need to sign up!

About The Author

Maurice Richard is a professional guitar teacher that operates out of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has been a member of an elite guitar teaching mentorship program since 2007 and has taught many people how to learn to play the guitar. Go to his website to learn more reasons you should stop putting off learning to play the guitar.