Me opetamme sinut harjoittelemaan oikeita asioita oikealla tavalla, jotta sinä kehityt kitaransoittajana niin nopeasti kuin mahdollista.

Should I Wait To
Write Songs?

If you’re someone who has an interest in writing songs, you’ve probably thought: shouldn’t I wait until my skills are at a certain level before I write songs?

The truth is: simple songs can be written with very simple skills.

If you have a few basic skills in your instrument and/or your voice, writing is possible, at the level you are currently.

For example: If you play guitar, you know three chords, and five rhythms, you could write a song using 2 chords and 2 of the rhythms you know. If might not be a number one hit, but it could still sound cool depending on what you do and how you express both the chords.

The following popular songs are great examples of 3 chord songs: House of the Rising Sun, Sweet Home Alabama, Wild Thing, and Bad Moon Rising.

Yes, there are some other skills involved, but at least the progression of chords and some simple melodies could be put together as a start.

Let’s go back to the question : should I wait to write?

Well, The short Answwe is: you don’t have to wait very long. The more complex answer is: if you want your friends to write positive comments on your YouTube channel after you post your songs, you will want to develop better skills on your instrument at the same time as you develop your songwriting skills. This way, you build both your songwriting and playing or singing skills at the same time, and your songwriting doesn’t have to catch up later when you want to start posting them.

A great way to do that is by finding a teacher who is skilled at teaching both your instrument and songwriting, so you can get started as soon as you can.

Also, remember this: great writers always write lots of stuff that ends up in the trash bin, or at least a folder tucked away full of stuff they will never use. The main thing is to continue writing, and improving as you go, so you can get help and learn to write better. It’s highly rare for the first song someone ever wrote to be a great one. Once you have lots of “garbage” to sift through, it becomes easier to search through it, put ideas together and create something cool that’s all your own 😊

About The Author

Teresa Anderson-Comer Teaches Singing Lessons and Songwriting in the Seattle area. To visit her website, click here.