The Real Benefit of
Learning Guitar from a Professional Teacher

By Blake Stevenson

We’ve all heard it before: learning with a guitar teacher is much better than learning on your own, but do you know why? I mean, do you really know why? The benefits of learning with someone who’s been at your level are numerous, but there is one benefit that sticks out far above the others and can be summarized with just one word: training

Most people who go in ready to learn something think in a very linear way. I must first master this before I go on to the next thing and then master that before I move on from there. Typically, what happens when they think this way is that they get stuck. You’ll drive yourself crazy before you truly master anything. The focus should always be on improvement, even if that improvement is 1% (if you do that 100 times, you’re now 100% better!).

That’s where the training comes in. Most teachers who are worth their salt won’t just train your fingers but train your mind also to see the big picture through structure and reinforcement. What’s interesting, is that I’ve encountered the linear manner of thinking more commonly in players who are in the mid-range and above. You don’t have to remember all 100 songs you’ve learned over the years you’ve been playing, and you don’t have to fully master the Major Scale at 350bpm either.

So why should you care? The important thing to remember is this: There’s only seven notes (13 counting sharps and flats) and two options – 1 string at a time and more than one at a time. You’re always using these things in everything that you do. This particular training that you receive from your teacher is beyond valuable. So, if you’re worried about moving from a topic that you haven’t mastered yet, don’t be. Chances are you are on the doorstep to a whole new level.

About The Author

Blake Stevenson is a guitar instructor based out of Cleburne, Texas. With his unorthodox approach to soloing, he has helped many guitar players achieve new heights. If you’d like to see more from Blake Stevenson, check out the best guitar lessons in Cleburne Texas.